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This beginner’s guide to Photoshop has tips and tricks that will help you become a more confident Photoshop user. Inside the guide Understanding Photoshop’s layers In Photoshop, layers are a way to group objects that are related. The most important thing to know about layers is that they can be flipped on their side to manipulate an image. It’s also important to know that different modes for your layers will have different features for manipulating the layer. For example, a selected layer will always have its own selection. Unselected layers will be unaffected by the selection. Keep that in mind when selecting specific layers in a way that you will manipulate them. Layers and the Layers panel Layers are the fundamental concept behind creating your images in Photoshop. Layers are basically a stack of images that can be manipulated together to create a new image. Layers are in the Layers panel and each have a unique name, the layer has an alpha channel of opacity, and you can apply multiple layers to a single layer. A layer also has a position in the image. What is a layer? A layer is simply the raw or converted bitmap image that has some additional processing done on it. In Photoshop, this is called a mask. In Web design, it’s called a masking layer. When an image is created, it’s usually given a different alpha channel for each layer. This alpha channel lets you control the transparency of the layer with a percentage scale from 0 to 100. When you are not using any masks, only one layer is active. When you use an alpha channel with all the layers, each layer can have a different transparency. The following screenshot shows some individual layer masks in different color for reference. Understanding the Layer Masks Each layer’s mask controls how the layer interacts with the rest of the image. There are three types of layer masks: Black & White mask A black & white mask works like a grayscale mask. The white or black areas in the mask control how much or little of the image can be seen through it. This type of mask lets you smooth out the tone of an image. Grainy Filter mask The grainy filter mask is used to create an optical effect. It controls the amount of blur on a layer and how grainy the layer’s image looks. It can be used to create a layer with a dramatic optical effect.

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And it’s totally free (as in beer)! Have you ever come across the term Moiré pattern in Google or Instagram? Have you ever wondered what this effect is called? Learn everything about the pattern and how to create it, before it’s named “Moiré effect” again. About the author: Ondřej Petrů is a digital artist from Brno, Czech Republic. He loves creating pixel art, graphic design, and all kinds of graphic art. You can follow him on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Moiré effect: A computer vision effect You can read this article in English or Spanish. This tutorial was originally published in Spanish and has been translated to English. Thanks to Miguel Angel Amaya for his translation! Clic aquí para leer en español. Vídeo de bienvenida Si tienes alguna duda sobre este tutorial, puedes preguntármelo en la sección de comentarios. Como primera sugerencia, encuentras varios tutoriales que ya tienen más de 400.000 visitas y todos se desarrollaron en Photoshop. Si te gustan los tutoriales, puedes regalarnos tu críticas y comentarios. Te queremos mucho! Esto es un tutorial sobre qué es la ilusión de Moiré, pero no sobre la ilusión que crea este efecto (que son muy diferentes) en Photoshop. Esto es un tutorial sobre la ilusión de Moiré, para crear un efecto similar en la base de una imagen previamente realizada en Photoshop. En este caso, realizamos la ilusión de Moiré con un fondo de nubes y desenfoques, y un adornado de agujetas. El efecto de un bucle de luz (que es lo que da forma a las líneas de la ilusión de Moiré) se puede obtener en Photoshop con un empleo de “pincel rectángulo”, y en Photoshop Elements 436c2ab822

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Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32bit or 64bit) RAM: 8GB HDD: 500GB Video Card: NVidia GTX 260 or ATI/AMD HD4870 (512MB VRAM) GPU: Intel Q35 Processor: Intel Core i3-2310 or AMD Phenom II X4 955 OS: Windows 7 or above Recommended: RAM: 4GB


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