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Additional Information

Name DollKart
Publisher lucheav
Format File
Rating 4.17 / 5 ( 3821 votes )
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Features Key:

  • Heavy Based
    • 1 Sword (AI Item)
    • 1 Shield (AI Item)
    • 5 Coals
      • 4 with 10 Coal
      • 1 with 20 Coal
        • Powering1
    • Gear
      • 16 Tents
      • 1 Drunken Harvester
      • 1 Joyful Trap
      • 1 Punish Joyful Trap
    • Experience
      • 1 Gold coin
        • 2 Gold coin
    • Map
      • 51 rooms
      • Main
      • Internal
      • Secret
    • Item Info
      • Weapon Store
        • Sword
          • 1 Sword
          • 1 Shield
        • Shield Watch
          • 1 Shield
        • Sword Case
          • 1 Sword
        • Shield Case
          • 1 Shield
      • Bookcase
        • 96 books
        • 24 roman/sigillum
      • Woodcase
        • 12 basic wood
        • 1 Log
      • Stonebasket
        • 5 Stones, 2 Shock
        • 1 Trap


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