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Redmine is a free and open-source wiki-based project management application. It is intended to be a development tool for software projects. Like wikis and issue trackers, it functions as a web application that supports discussions and document management via a web browser.

Redmine requires MySQL, Ruby, and a web server with the FastCGI HTTP server extension. Redmine supports authentication using various plugins (LDAP/AD, MySQL, PgSQL,…), an LDAP module is also built-in. Another plugin allows Redmine to work with the Subversion and Git version control systems, as well as any other application that includes a REST API. It also supports the SCM_BASE project management module.

Redmine is written in the Ruby programming language with a MySQL backend using the Ruby on Rails framework.

Redmine is organized into “sections” that correspond to projects or milestones.

Sections come in two flavors: “private” and “public”. All users can edit private sections. All users can read public sections. Users can contribute to and edit public sections, but only the project owner can edit private sections. For public sections, an editor is associated to a given project.

Sections can be nested within each other. In this case, different editors can edit the same section independently. Projects and milestones are by default associated to the main (“root”) section.

Users can add/edit/delete pages in a section. It is possible to modify the body of an existing page. It is also possible to create a new page in a section.

In the section’s administration interface, users can edit the title, description, keywords, URL, and project/milestone association. It is possible to hide a section from the website.

User permissions
Users can be assigned permissions that determine which operations are allowed in a section. A user can edit only his/her own section. A user can always contribute to public sections, even when not a member of the project group.

Redmine is a wiki that stores data in a database or an Apache Virtual Host environment. This can make Redmine useful for a variety of functions:

Gantt charts

Wiki pages

Issues tracking

Bug tracking

Wiki pages

Redmine provides a WYSIWYG interface with an intuitive interface for creating new pages and editing existing pages.

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I am using Spring and Hibernate with hibernate-jpa package.
I have some app-level static variables in Hibernate that

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MVC4 Jquery Mobile Web app large number of pages, or browse app?

I’m creating an MVC4 app using JQuery Mobile. I have about 40 individual pages. My intention is to have multiple views of many pages on 1 page (that is, I have one page of s with all 40+ views).
Would it be better to have the 40+ pages as a single page or should they all be browseable app pages? I’m trying to decide between having 1 large page or 1 page for each component (e.g. 1 large page for display of all 40 pages, or 40 browseable app pages).
Also, if I choose to use 1 large page, what do I put in that page’s view to get all the other data (in the case of this app, I just have a web form with 1 field for search)? Should I use a “master” page that contains the data, and simply hide the data from the navigation bar (or are they all still part of the navigation bar)? In that case, what should I put in the master page view?


The ideal solution here would be for you to use break points with JQuery mobile. I actually struggled with this exact problem myself when building a page which was going to contain 70 screens. I ended up building each tab and used ajax to load the screen in. I initially thought it was too much to bear but ended up really liking the efficiency.
In the master view you would just show all the data you need for the first page you want the user to see and then ajax load each of the pages as needed.
Ultimately I ended up settling on a solution where I created the jquery mobile tabs (in a partial view) but instead of ajax loading the individual page loads a.cshtml file which would then load in jquery mobile views and the different pages.
At this point, you would have the jquery mobile views just like you would in a normal view and you could call up the appropriate page for each tab.

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