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The team is in the process of creating an optimized animation set to enhance the realism of players and objects in the game.

FIFA TV will consist of a new innovative Real Player Analytics (RPA) engine, which measures and understands in-game events to generate unique insights and tailor content to specific audiences.

Players will have individualized player data. They will be better suited to game genre – transitioning from easy to more difficult challenges, and from a defensive to an offensive role. They will be stronger when they are “In the Box” and softer when they are “Out of the Box.” They will be more agile when chasing the ball and more tenacious when defending.

Replay system

The FIFA Video Assistant Referee (VAR) will be a FIFA-first implementation, adding replay review to the game.

The VAR system will be fully automatic and will be applied to all matches except for the final. It will be a highly accurate system that detects and reveals key referee decisions made in the heat of the action.

Match incidents will be reviewed at five-second intervals during the flow of a match. The referee will be able to confirm a penalty by pressing the “Confirm penalty” key on his touchline remote control.

A “video assistant referee” (VAR) will be a FIFA-first implementation in the game, adding replay review to the game. It will work alongside the existing match officials and have the ability to look for offside, handball, fouls and other incidents that come into play in a game.

For the first time in a FIFA game, the video assistant referee (VAR) will be available in all national leagues and competitions around the world.

Wearable soccer balls

Wearable soccer balls will be FIFA-first in FIFA 22, and are available for customizing players’ kits.

Baseball-style pitches

The pitch surface is based on real-life MLS dimensions, and has been optimized by using the FSC’s advanced matchday optimisation technology to provide optimum ball flight. The pitch surface will also display all goal lines, with the ball just touching the top line meaning that a goal has been scored.

Level one: Practice modes

A new ‘Level 1′ Training Mode will be available during the preseason. Teams will be able to practice tactics and simulate all aspects of the game’s most tactical


Features Key:

  • 3D match engine powered by Frostbite 3
  • Unprecedented authentic crowd and stadium crowds
  • Angled shooting such as free kicks, penalties, and direct shots
  • Accurate timing controlled by a new ball physics system
  • Tactical Defending System
  • New free kicks mechanics throughout the pitch
  • New goal celebrations
  • Career progress and player profiles including career mode, best performances, kits and more
  • Interactive training facilities, personal trainer and team talks with role specific coaching
  • Realistic visuals powered by Frostbite 3
  • Ten new player visuals
  • Team and Match Interaction Manager


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At its heart, FIFA is a game about skill and technique, where each player’s ability to dominate his virtual opposition is virtually limitless. It’s a game that caters to the most subtle of details, where the slightest touch of the controller can change the course of a match.

The Player Experience

FIFA is a game that revels in its realism. From the immersive commentary and crowd to the dynamic crowd pitch interaction, the experience of being a match referee or even a player, is now more vital than ever.

Evolving Team and Player Traits

As players evolve into the next generation, their traits are progressing as well. Players will now gain experience points in a variety of gameplay scenarios, depending on the type of game and the degree to which they play. For example, if a player performs well in all game modes or special features, he will accrue XP in the PES Traditions category.

FIFA on the go

FIFA on the go is now even more lifelike. Players are now able to run and sprint, jump and head the ball with full control. The more you play, the more you train and your player’s metabolism will increase.

Pick-up and Go Play

Select short bursts of gameplay for maximum intensity and adrenaline. After each short burst, your player is back to his real-life body, ready for the next training session, match or whatever you want him to do.

Dynamic Capping

Set your own levels for players that you’d like to keep on the pitch, based on their real-life attributes, and when the next level is reached, they’ll know, because their vital stats and pitch intelligence indicators will now go up.

Significant Game and Season Revamps

With the start of a new season, most teams will have new squads that you can quickly absorb, focusing on the right attributes to help your team to win trophies.

FIFA Ultimate Team

More game modes than ever before to play in your FIFA Ultimate Team. Take the action to the pitch and into the penalty area with a brand new in-game dynamic. Take on new challenges and defeat new FUT monsters to earn more XP.

The long-awaited new Player AI and Defending Engine are just a part of the many technical innovations introduced in this season of the series. FIFA 20’s artificial intelligence will better anticipate your every move and counter


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Return to what makes FIFA the ultimate soccer simulation. The Ultimate Team is back – with new ways to play. Bring your favorite club side, create your own dream squad by mixing and matching FUT Draft and FUT packs, and make your favorite FUT superstar even better with all kinds of finishing and goal celebration powers. Then, celebrate your passions in FIFA Ultimate Team Championship, a new battle to become the best in the world.

We’re excited about the new features coming in FIFA 22, and looking forward to celebrating our 20th anniversary in style. I’m going to pull out all the stops for our 20th anniversary celebration. While it’s not required, I’d urge you to log into EA SPORTS WORLD right now and get in on the excitement – you’ll be able to fully enjoy FIFA and FIFA 22 on March 24.Home > Blog > Blog Posts > Open public breastfeeding at the park after government sanctions

Open public breastfeeding at the park after government sanctions

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Last week the Australian government brought in new laws requiring all public women to cover up as they go about their public lives.

This brings to an end open public breastfeeding anywhere.

In other jurisdictions, the laws have had the unintended effect of increasing breastfeeding frequency, and women have left birthing beds, birth homes, and public places to nurse their babies.

This has been going on in a number of countries like Denmark and France, and has continued in Queensland where:

The law was defeated in the current Legislative Assembly by 11 votes and was filibustered in the previous one.

There is not a single parliamentary public breastfeeding advocate or an unpaid public breastfeeding advocate from The Queensland Parliament who took part in the debates.

The Premier promised to get to the bottom of this issue after the 2010 election.

I guess that seeing his Ministers and the backbenchers scurry into the safe haven of paywalled offices, the Premier did not see fit to help us out.

Human nature being what it is, it seems likely, that no Minister or Senator will stand up for a mother’s right to breastfeed in public, or even to breastfeed her baby.

With a law like this, and on top of the international trend toward mandatory breastfeeding policies, women are being forced to look for new breastfeeding locations.

In the United States, a study published in 2011 found that women


What’s new:

  • InFIFA, you can now play Special Tournaments on almost any mode in FIFA. Create your own football tournament for 10, 20, 30, or 60 players, play best-of-one, best-of-two, best-of-three, or best-of-five matches, pick different timeframes to end each round, and invite your friends to play as well. How will the penalty-kicking work? Will you need a 1v1 if you want to challenge your friend with a tough team in your own tournament? The possibilities are endless.


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Like Magic: The Gathering, football is a sport of depth and complexity. In FIFA you not only choose from a vast roster of licensed teams and players, but you select a formation – how your team plays on the pitch – which directly influences your tactics and ultimately your outcome in matches. Unmatched in graphics and gameplay, FIFA is the most authentic sports experience available.

Player Career Development

Become the manager of a team from grass roots level to the worlds most popular club. New youth systems focus on player personality and chemistry, but the real skill of a FIFA manager is coaching and tactics. Improve your team for each of the game’s challenging game modes, win trophies, and earn a seat at the FIFA Board.

World Class Visuals

The most immersive and captivating game engine in sports puts players in control of the ball, the pitch, and the atmosphere with never-before-seen authenticity and gameplay innovation.

The Career

Select one of two narratives – American or European – to experience football the way you want. Play as a club or as a country and follow the journey of a team from youth development all the way to Europe’s elite. Every career path leads to unique experiences on and off the pitch.

The Game

Match your strategy against new defensive systems and improvements in ball control. Goalkeeper intelligence is a new feature, A new variable pitch mode challenges your ability to control the ball and usage of the AI creates a fast paced game reminiscent of FUT and Pro Evolution Soccer.

Play in 11 pitch-inspired stadiums with authentic atmospheres and play-styles.



The Journey

The Career

The Game


Select from 11 pitch-inspired stadiums with authentic atmospheres and play-styles, as well as the ability to tailor the experience to play in a 2v2 or 3v3 match style.

Player Intelligence

With improved player intelligence and AI updates, players have more of a sense of their surroundings, making them more aware of where the rest of the team and opposition are. This helps create chances and leads to more dynamic and unpredictable matches.

Ball Control

Ball control in FIFA is a new feature – the ball now behaves differently when in the air and in the hands of different types of players. The ball is also affected by wind and weather systems. And, of course, work has


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