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The game:

World War 2: Time Of Wrath is a real-time strategy game for the PC in the genre of a real-time strategy game. The game is set in World War 2, when the German and Allied forces tried to win World War II for their side.

The object:

Stick together with your allies and lead the team through the war to win battles and achieve an important goal — to take control of the whole Europe. Assemble the strongest forces and completely conquer the country. Use all combat vehicles, artillery, and aircrafts, which are stored at your production line. Turn the cannons to deal a blow to the enemy. Equip your units and create a perfect fighting machine!


Stick together with your allies, lead the team, be more experienced

Real-time strategy game with battles and large strategies

All the units and combat vehicles in use on the battlefield

Develop the production line, use it to create a powerful arsenal

The units from the production line

Use the victory screen to view your achievements on the battlefield

Control your troops’ combat abilities with a full-time command over your army

Use your strategy to unblock your team and take control of the entire war

Build your base, weapons production line, buildings, and research laboratories

Unlock new units and combat vehicles to further develop your combat machine

* World War 2: Time Of Wrath *

The game has the following features:

A real-time strategy game

4 game modes

Expand your base, upgrade your combat units, and liberate cities

Build powerful combat units, make them more powerful, and upgrade them

Unlock new combat vehicles

Command and control your troops

Co-op mode

Use the victory screen to view your achievements on the battlefield

Pilot numerous different planes and helicopters

Use the air strikes and massive artillery barrage to destroy your opponents

Destroy enemy bunkers, control and capture enemy units

Link and cooperate with your allies during battles

Command and control troops in the air and on the ground

Use global coordinates and set up orders

Command individual units

Build strong and powerful combat units

Build powerful buildings, to increase your production

Command and control and co-ordinate your team to achieve victory

Use the global research centre to develop your combat units

Research new units, which are


Halloween 2015 Costume Set Features Key:

  • Attack enemies from different sides to unblock paths and earn huge combo points.
  • Use massive combos to combine a huge amount of damage.
  • Build up your numerous favorite spells to strengthen different kinds of attacks.
  • Beautiful 2D graphics.
  • Play with friends in co-op mode.

    AUGERO Game Key features:

    • Attack enemies from different sides to unblock paths and earn huge combo points.
    • Use massive combos to combine a huge amount of damage.
    • Build up your numerous favorite spells to strengthen different kinds of attacks.
    • Beautiful 2D graphics.
    • Play with friends in co-op mode.


    BUNAGATINE Game Key features:

    • Attack enemies from different sides to unblock paths and earn huge combo points.
    • Use massive combos to combine a huge amount of damage.
    • Build up your numerous favorite spells to strengthen different kinds of attacks.
    • Beautiful 2D graphics.
    • Play with friends in co-op mode.


    BUNAGATINE ULTRA Game Key features:

    • Attack enemies from different sides to unblock paths and earn huge combo points.
    • Use massive combos to combine a huge amount of damage.
    • Build up your numerous favorite spells to strengthen different kinds of attacks.
    • Beautiful 2D graphics.
    • Play with friends in co-op mode.


    CALI Game Key features:

    • Attack enemies from different sides to unblock paths and earn huge combo points.
    • Use massive combos to combine a huge amount of damage. 

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      Escape from the mysterious Mr. Ultimate will require all the help you can get! Immerse yourself in a strange world of puzzles and skirting the boundaries of sanity in an effort to make it home.
      Travel through the twisted reality of Mr. Ultimate’s soul as you work to uncover what happened to him and what twisted stepchild is responsible.
      Adopt a unique perspective on classic point-and-click adventure gameplay, combining real-time puzzle solving and strategy.
      Play as one of 9 different characters, each with their own unique skills and personalities!
      Colorful and stylized art in two dimensions, with a 3D component for animation and interactivity.
      Enhanced with Steam Controller Support, Steamworks achievements, and Steam Cloud Sync.
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      As a guest of Chris Matthews, former US Attorney General Holder confessed to having played a key role in bringing about a type of gun control that gave gun owners no recourse.

      “I am the guy who’s standing in front of you,” Holder said as he was asked about his role in working with the Clinton administration in enacting “new gun laws.”

      “No. I don’t know exactly how I got there, but you’re right, I did play a small role in helping design the assault weapons ban and the Brady bill which outlawed a bunch of the guns that were on the NICS” background check system in 1998, he said.

      Moreover, Holder came clean about the fact that the firearms registries created under the Clinton administration were directed at “storing an awful lot of data on the firearms owners” and not “mugshots.”

      After a brief back and forth, Matthews asked about Obamacare, an issue which has become a favorite talking point of Holder and the gun control lobby.

      “Well, the Affordable Care Act, you know, we’re still working on that and we’re thinking about that. I don’t want to make any predictions about how Obamacare would apply to guns, because it is a complex issue and I know that you think the government should be involved in every aspect


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      Why do I get a compilation error in VS2012 when defining a struct to represent an enum in an interface?

      The following code is only a sketch to illustrate my problem.
      using System;

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      What’s new:

        lied Grapples, Serum Cadets, and More!


        The CHIPS update hasn’t been as big as we had hoped, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. CHIPS is a big update for Trainz, offering many important changes and additions. This document covers our plans for a subset of these changes.

        ROTOR v2

        DEC BRING!

        Currently, the extension layout in ROTOR can be viewed in RLS, but not edited in-game. This was quickly changing a giant interruption to the performance of the layout itself, and the layout had to be closed in RLS.

        The solution was to not only update the extension features and bug fixes and improvements, but to also add the ability to edit the entire layout via the layout editor.

        Work on the layout editor is still in progress, but expect to see this feature added soon.

        DEC BRING!

        We have been discussing RLS module system in general. It is a very appealing feature, but it is certainly not a quick or easy task to add to the game. Therefore, we will be addressing some of these issues during 2019, and document our plans for them.


        In 2019, we want to more clearly encourage modders to have a larger impact on Trainz. We believe that is realistic and achievable.

        We want modders to be even more empowered, and expect to put more focus on this in 2019.

        The current set of features are not easily accessible for modding, and it is definitely not an easy task to implement. We will be addressing these issues via a high and lower priority list.


        The goals above are a continuation of the ideas we had for 2019. We want modders to be able to have even bigger and better impacts in 2019 and beyond.

        Therefore, we have prepared a short list of features that we want to achieve in 2019. Some of these features are already in process, and some are on the to-do list for next year. This is currently on the high priority (almost guaranteed) list.

        Boost Beta will be available to registered subscribers of the Trainz+ subscription plan


        We get excited and are excited every time one of our beta customers offers to share their experiences with Trainz.

        Due to the nature of


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        Seemingly untouched by the events of the technocratic universe, the Creaks are the originators of the magical-sounding music that is now called ‘Creaks’ and is known around the multiverse. As with any cosmic civilization, the Creaks have tried to progress by climbing to higher and higher levels of technology, culminating in the ‘Shimmer’. It was here that the Creaks went too far, and destroyed themselves. All that exists now of the Creaks are the Shimmers, the tinkling and pretty boxes that create magical music from out of nothing. But, in a universe with mystery and wonder, there is still one thing the Creaks have left behind. And that is you. The Creaks have left their mark on you, and you have witnessed the destruction of their civilization. In the process, you have fallen in with the ‘Shimmer Cult’, a society of people who appreciate and revere the Creaks. In order to get away from the dreaded ‘Probe’ soldiers and the ever-blissful ‘Circle’, you decide to take up the creakian legacy by going on a quest through a broken-down tower, filled with puzzles and traps. Your adventure will take you on quests and dive in a wide variety of historical locations that have inspired the Creaks throughout history. In order to progress through the tower, the Creaks has left you clues in various entries. These unlock the different rooms in the tower, leading you towards the final destination, the Crawlspace. On the way, you will also discover various items that will lead you to additional Creaks relics in the tower. Creaks Guardians/
        The Creaks Guardians are a tribe of people who use magic power to keep the Creaks in balance. They have maintained the forces of chaos and order, and ensure that the Creaks’ music can be played correctly. The Creaks Guardians are also feared for their ability to turn people into Creaks like them. Creaks Guardians/
        – A game of the year winner 2013 at the ICEBUDDIES.GR
        – World Game of the Year 2013 at the ICEBUDDIES.GR
        – BAFTA Game of the Year nominee 2013
        – Game Innovation award 2013 at Indiecade (NEW YORK)
        – GameChunters Best Game in 2013
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        – Game of the Year at Indie Game Magazine
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      Introduction to simple planes PC game:

      SimplePlanes is an elementary F/A-A computer game created in 2016 for Linux, Windows, OSX (the game is fully playable on BSD) and Android (phones and tablets). The whole goal of this game is to build as many planes as you can.


      * Linux

      * OSX

      * Windows



      The easiest way to install game is just to use P



      System Requirements For Halloween 2015 Costume Set:

      Amiibo Table – Not included, sold separately
      OS: Nintendo Switch
      OS Version: Latest version
      Processor: 1.8 GHz Dual Core
      Memory: 2 GB RAM
      Graphics: Nintendo Switch GPU
      Storage: 65 GB available space
      Steam Client (free to download)
      If you want to play with your friends, ensure that you have a working Steam account. If you have a Steam account, you can download Steam and play Street Fighter V on PC via Steam.