NoSleepHD Keeps Your External HD Spinning

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NoSleepHD Keeps Your External HD Spinning

The WD Mybook 500 GB external hard drive keeps stalling after a few minutes of inactivity, even while using the machine. Every time I try to access . whd or other hard drive, this happens all the time. I know there is a bug in the way the hard drive works.
I know that my system shouldn’t crash because everything else works. Also, if I press the power button while I’m in idle state, it works fine.
I’m using a Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB with Windows 7 x64 which works fine.
Please help me on this as soon as I can, I need help here.


. external usb hard drive keeps spinning?.. to conserve power, you should turn the external hard drive off when it is not in use.  . A video editor to edit a dvd or a movie using ubuntu in virtualbox?
. To spin down your hard drive, right click and chose “Spin Down” from the pop-up menu that. to spin down the drive, it has a few options, including: “Stop”, “Pause”, “Spin down and Stop after x minutes”, “Spin down and Stop after x minutes and don’t allow wake up”.
. Then I started to research, and I found NoSleepHD. NoSleepHD is great when you .
. From posts on Reddit: NoSleepHD makes external hard disk drive not go to sleep, so it’s better than ssdwatch.. Best Crucial SSD: ECC.
. I have a 500gb hard drive that is constantly spinning.  . Hard disk size (includes spin down feature).. HDD no-spin idle timer (steps.
. When you hibernate your computer, the data is saved to the computer’s hard disk drive (HDD). It can take up a lot of space, though, if your computer is using data that is older. If you hibernate your computer each night, you can save a significant amount of space.
. Not exactly what you asked for, but.. They shut down only after fixed period of time or when there is nothing to watch? Also is it possible to add “work” for the HD to do?.
Use no sleep hdd to keep spinning your external usb hard drive
. What is the best external hard drive? Today’s question is, “What is the best external hard drive? “ . While you’re done using it, you will need to spin the drive down again – this cannot be avoided.
Would it be possible to use an application to spin off of my external hard drive? I’m thinking of something like the good old audio CD .
. Sandisk – is there no external hard drive spinning optimizer free software?.
. it can be better in every way, expecially a “low powered” external hard drive.. Yes, this can .
. Kestrel MEIO – External hard drive not going to sleep when i unplug It’s not happening to mine!. This will not


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