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You are a young adventurer, exploring and searching for your own dream ranch. You will be discovering places in a mystical forest, exhilarating cliffs and mysterious caves. Here you will meet different animals and be able to expand your ranch, breed horses and you will travel all over in your horse. There are four different areas to explore in each world and you will be able to decorate and customise your horse as you continue to develop your ranch.
Contact: info@nordicgames.se

Introducing our new indie game. Enjoy this first glimpse of our new game!
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Rain Island: Orange Features Key:

  • Dynamic soundtrack
  • Great sound levels
  • Compatible with Controller Support
  • Fishing: North Atlantic Soundtrack Video games reviews:

    Fishing: North Atlantic

    North Atlantic Guide Through the Soundtrack2016-08-27T01:08:00Ztag:www.giantbomb.com,2016-08-27:/post/fishing-north-atlantic-guide-through-the-soundtrack-e1419401355/#comment-470932
    Nobody looks at the settings for the “volume” tag that works perfectly. It’s listed in the controller settings. And it’s a simple fix. However, the magic words to get the Tapjoy Codes are “Stratosphere more than 50k.”.
    Also, I agree. Should be a regular thread somewhere along the lines of “10 First Party Titles That Should All Be Here”.
    Nobody looks at the settings for the “volume” tag that works perfectly. It’s listed in the controller settings. And it’s a simple fix. However, the magic words to get the Tapjoy Codes are “Stratosphere more than 50k.”.
    Also, I agree. Should be a regular thread somewhere along the lines of “10 First Party Titles That Should All Be Here”.


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    – Player starts with a basic police report (2 pages) with a narrative on it. The player also has a template of a crime scene photo to organize the information.
    – Players are given a basic Crime Case, 8 additional Crime Cases, and an Investigative Verdict to prepare an Investigation Verdict Report.
    – Players will receive an email when new Police Investigations have been made, allowing them to claim all Police Investigations to get more Crime Cases to finish the game.
    – 8 Criminal Cases give rise to 6 possible Arrests, which will give 6 Investigation Reports. Each Investigation Report gives a Verdict, which can be turned in by the player to open up higher-level crimes.
    – All of the investigation cases are real-world cases from the United States.
    – Police Cases are open, but have a minimum of 8 crime scenes and 8 people to be investigated.
    – There is a ‘1 week’ investigation limit, after which the case will remain locked.
    – Failure to find evidence in any Crime Case will still have an Investigation Report available, so there is no ‘Dead End’.
    – Depending on the number of Crime Cases you’ve unlocked, you will be able to check which detectives worked on the case, if they received any promotion, etc.
    – Players are given the option to share the investigation case by posting it through social media or emailing to friends.
    – Sharing the case will generate an Investigation Report as a reward.
    – On ‘Weekend’ cases (those that are not weekdays, or those that are ‘Sun-Wed’ or ‘Thu-Sun’), players can review investigation cases with weekends ‘guaranteed’ for the next week to investigate them.
    – If you share a case with friends they will receive an Investigation Report.
    – Background music can be enabled and disabled.
    – All of the in-game customizations can be toggled at any time.
    – Steam Controller Support
    – Opening the Game in VR with headphones will present the Detective Training Case for 3/5 extra police stars
    – Case priority can be enabled or disabled.
    – Multiple sizes of police reports can be chosen, if the printer supports it.
    – Players can disable the ‘Investigation Report’ and ‘Show Investigation Reports’ options after opening the game.
    – Extra icons in the options menu if the File Name is not included on the report are:
    – Crime Scene
    – Crime Case
    – Investigation Report
    – Reason for Arrest
    – Related Case
    – U


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    Offline Content Includes the following packages:
    Game File Size: 4.3 GB
    Installation Notes:
    Install this content to a new folder under My Games>Starry Moon Island 2>Images, sound and saved games will NOT be installed into this folder.
    The content is arranged in the following folders:
    My Games>Starry Moon Island 2>Images
    My Games>Starry Moon Island 2>Sounds
    My Games>Starry Moon Island 2>Saved Games
    1. Run the installer and follow the on-screen prompts.
    2. Close the application when prompted.
    3. Delete the temp folder on your hard drive.
    4. Play! Enjoy! *This product is intended for use with the Starry Moon Island 2 Demo. If you purchase this product to play the full version, it will not work.
    If you experience any issues, or have any problems with the installation, please let us know. Feedback is appreciated as we strive to create the best possible product.
    Game Content:
    – 16 NEW scenes to discover
    – 120 SEQUENCES with all the amazing things you have to see and do on the island
    – 20 CUBE and 7 3D cube puzzles
    – 300+ puzzles to solve
    – 20 new pathways
    – 3 different ways to solve the 3D cube puzzles
    – 15 NEW THINGS TO SEE AND DO on the island
    – 5 new DISC hovering ships
    – 4 new DISC hovercrafts
    – 3 new DISC hovercrafts styles
    – 3 new stations
    – 3 new landscapes
    – 14 NEW SCENES to discover in DISC Hovercraft mode
    – 14 NEW SCENES to discover in 3D Cubes mode
    – 3 new DISC Hovercrafts (style 1, style 2, style 3)
    – 3 new 3D Cube modes (7TH, 8TH and 9TH modes)
    – 3 new 3D Cube Modes
    – 3 new colors
    – 5 new DISC Hovercrafts
    – 4 new DISC Hovercrafts styles
    – 1 new island
    – 1 new outer island
    – 1 new tree
    – 1 new platform
    – 1 new landmark
    – 1 new foreground object
    – 1 new sky
    – 1 new sea
    – 1 new level
    – 3 new ways to solve puzzles
    – 4 new DISC Hovercraft styles
    – 2 new paths
    – 4 new landscapes
    – 1 new 3D Disc Cube


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