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In addition to the adventure and fantasy elements of the series, this title will also have a rating system, a series of mini-games, and a weekly’summer vacation’ to ease the stress of work.
In addition to the adventure and fantasy elements of the series, this title will also have a rating system, a series of mini-games, and a weekly’summer vacation’ to ease the stress of work.


Developed by Gust, ‘Tarnished Princess’ is an action RPG for the Nintendo Switch with a fantasy design. The player controls and fights in the area where the Elden King appears in, a fantasy medieval land which uses a mix of accurate historical elements with a unique fantasy style.

In ‘Tarnished Princess,’ there is no story to rely on, which gives the player a freedom to create their own storyline. A plethora of enemies, monsters, and foes will keep you on your toes as you explore a vast world. In addition, a large variety of weapons and equipment let you customize your gameplay, allowing your character to develop in many ways.

The game is also unique in that not only does it mix the fantasy fantasy story with real historical elements, the game also uses a mix of accurate historical elements with a unique fantasy style. Tarnished Princess is an action RPG that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of people.

A Little About Tarnished Princess

‘Tarnished Princess’ is an action RPG where the player controls and fights in the world where the Elden King appears. In addition, the player can switch to a world that is filled with fantasy. A wide variety of non-player characters (NPCs) appear and provide free assistance.

It is an action RPG that uses a tag system to define the player’s position in the world. It is played in a limited view, where the character only looks in one direction at a time. Because the player looks in only one direction at a time, the controls are more difficult.

On the other hand, since the player can travel from world to world, the game has the advantage of effectively allowing the player to move from one fantasy story to another. In addition, the player can customize their game by developing their character and equipment.

Expanding with Side Quests

One of the main elements of the game is its large number of side quests. A side quest can be


Features Key:

  • RPG action and adventure
  • Fantasy and multidimensional world
  • Fine action battles across 2D and 3D battlescapes
  • Step-by-step character growth, block-by-block development
  • Maehwa’s traditional roles like Roman and Centurion to a Fantasy Lord, or an elegant-faced Elf
  • Specialized skills and abilities and a variety of play styles
  • A vast world full of variety
  • Even more to come in future updates!

    1. About MMORPG

    2. Characters

    1. Under Level "3"


    Soul of the "Ryme-Abzu", to summon the terrible power of the "Divine Dragon Smelting".
    A formidable action lord and defense-facing general.


    Kobra Suit


    2. Drawing the Sword "Seedils"

    A sword that can transform into the seed of dragons.

    Gain the ability to pass protection to allies and annihilate enemies with this unique sword.

    Lattice Burst: eliminates all weak enemies and absorbs HP into the sword. Thats right! This powerful usage can be acquired via the "Seedils".

    In the past, breeding has not always produced perfect hatchlings so we decided to allow for “mistakes” and provide purification potions that eliminates mutation.

    Both species will have their


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    *今回公開版はElden Ring 1.0.1+をベースにアップデートされています
    (For more details please visit

    – Addition of the optional union system, and the description of the union system included in 2.0
    – Various bug fixes
    – The possibility of changing the name of your character, and the description of the character included in 2.0



    ■Union systemについて
    In this game, you can get the content through purchasing the creation materials required in the union system, however this method is basically the norm.

    I will be paying for this and I can spend time right before that I used to use it.

    ■System name and description changed
    In this game, the system name and description of the characters have been changed.

    ■The naming restrictions of the union system
    In this game, for the convenience of mounting on the screens of the game, the naming restrictions of the union system have been added to the limits of the characters of players who are on the union system.

    ■Going forward from the limitation of the union system
    (Please refer to the screen below)



    What’s new:


    A Hard, But It’s Fun Action Game

    Experience the slaying of destiny.
    • An Action Game that hones your skills as a Hunter on a New Continent
    A game full of thrilling and exciting battles where we get to enjoy the blood of animals and monsters, where we explore the vast world of glory, and where we take on the demons that are as strong as they are frightening.
    • An Action Game that Allows You to Customize the Movement and Actions of Your Character
    Take on the role of a Hunter, with unique customizations, brandishing great weapons and brilliantly collecting experience points. As you traverse the vast world of glory and battle for your life, you will experience the infinite fighting scene.
    • A Game in which the Skill of Slaying Destiny Hones as you Go
    Using the special skills of the Hunters’ Guild, you perform each action as a Hunter to express your actions with full force and sincerely slay your own destiny.
    • Having Absolutely No Fatigue
    The action continues even if you are away from the keyboard.

    Tappei Hakairoppu

    A Distinct Fantasy Visual Novel that’s Distinguished by its Characters

    Everything depends on your choices.

    Explore the world of Shieldlight, an exceptional kingdom filled with the best swordsmen


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  • Sources:

    1 >

    Mark-Louis Tan

    Mark-Louis Tan (born 1962, Singapore) is a Singaporean composer, conductor, vocalist, and music educator. He studied music and composition with Min-Shin Wu, Jerome Lubin, and Paul Bento. He attended the Singapore Art Academy and Adei Soules in the UK, where he received his degree with distinction in music. He is married to fellow composer, Susan Rebecca Su. He currently teaches music and conducts at the University of Greenwich,
    Singapore Polytechnic and Federation University of British Columbia.

    Musical works and influences
    Tan composed a 65-minute orchestral composition titled Soundscape 3: Fuji at the turn of 21st century in the Far East. It was performed at the Fuji Arts Festival and received critical acclaim and an award for the best arrangement from the festival curator
    The compilation of his selected works was also showcased during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

    Other musical works
    Translations of arias and popular songs from Italian, German, Austrian, and British operas were composed by Tan during his studies at Adei Soules in the UK.

    A selection of his compositions performed on all the three major Singaporean organs is currently housed in the National Library of Singapore: Tan’s organ ricercar has since gained popularity among organists and performed by local artistes such as the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and Singapore Symphony Chorus, including more recent performances by Jeremy Summerly, Aneleena Antoniades, and Simon Lee. Tan’s motet Ad te



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    To run Iceborne:
    1. Basic Requirements:
    – You must be at least Level 10.
    – You must have an Iceborne account.
    – You must have a controller.
    – You must own a phone that is compatible with the PlayStation®3 system.
    – You must own a PlayStation®Network account, and be logged into your account.
    – You must have a broadband Internet connection.
    2. Additional Requirements:
    – The Iceborne system requires a memory card with at least 5GB of memory.