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DangerSpace is an action-packed space simulator with fast-paced combat, tight ship controls and an extremely addictive one-life based single-player campaign.
While the game focuses on space exploration and exploration, players might find this great game to be frustrating at times. Enemies use a complex and fast moving tactic to attack you and your fleet, you have to use your tactical and strategic skills to take the lead and survive against them.
4K Support Patch: The game is now available on Steam with Support in 4K (3840×2160) resolution.
Physics-driven flight engine has never been so intense, it allows you to feel the effects of your actions in real space. High quality graphics and an immersive sound greatly increase the feeling of immersion.
Numerous new features:
– Better AI that accurately reflects the strategy of advanced forces,
– Exploration of the Solar system with a new art style,
– Full support for all user interface languages,
– New music!

Show moreMEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday that an upcoming energy reform package would not create fake jobs for the sake of covering losses from an ambitious, U.S. energy investment, but would instead help reduce the $100 billion annual subsidy for gasoline and electricity.

FILE PHOTO: Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador speaks during his weekly media conference at Los Pinos presidential residence in Mexico City, Mexico October 13, 2019. REUTERS/Gustavo Graf/File Photo

To help finance the ambitious investment, the government has proposed replacing gasoline and electricity subsidies with a new system of state oil company PEMEX buying most of the products of the energy reform, known as Pemex Reform.

But the Pemex Reform package has been heavily criticized by the opposition, who see it as a plan to create for a few at the expense of many, in order to cover losses at a state-owned company that is often heavily indebted.

“This is going to help reduce the subsidies, because we can get the difference between what the subsidy is and what the markets are willing to pay,” the president told reporters on Monday.

“That has been the reality with gasoline, but it is more acute with electricity because, even with gasoline, we do not have an electricity market,” he said.

The reform would be partially financed through


Features Key:

  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Arcane Unleashed is a classic RPG inspired in the well acclaimed D&D 5th Edition/Pathfinder Legend Playground™ universe.
  • The story takes place in the remote new colony of Sallow which has been founded 200 years ago. This historic city experienced a horrible bombing and it was rebuilt as modern day Sallow, now a utopian metropolis, where everything is possible. Weird events happen day after day in Sallow.
  • Enjoy a turn based RPG experience with the newest innovations of D&D 5th Edition, be fully immersed in a style of game developed by Paizo™ and obtain precious items from Sallow resources


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There is a rumor that a great danger came from the West, more than ten legions of undead came from the brink of the Earth. A wonderful kingdom of humans, the kingdom of Sparta, is at risk of invasion, and you, Leonidas, the Hero King of Sparta, have been selected by the God-King to save the kingdom.
But Leonidas was not in Sparta, he was with his closest friend, Pausanias. He was a soldier back in Sparta. But when Leonidas was chosen, he was no longer in Sparta, he was in the West, there was a hasty retreat from the West, and Leonidas and Pausanias were separated. And it has been three years since Leonidas returned, and he is the King of Sparta. What was it like to not have a kingdom? And who is Pausanias? The world is facing a disaster, and the heroes of Sparta are not yet ready. Leonidas will have to summon powerful allies to help his defense, and battle against thousands of zombies.
• Classic 60 waves of destruction
• Special Endless mode and other modes
• More than 1 billion combinations
• Dynamic character statistics
• Unique, exciting battle system
• Sweet voices and musical scoring
• Over 100 levels to keep you entertained
● Special more valuable supply
● Special defense
● Support a hero
● More classic characters join in
● More than 80 different characters
● More than 1000 different characters on the way
● More kinds of weapons
● Fulfill your fantasies
● Why wait?
● A mobile version for all iOS devices!Prenatal diagnosis of a de novo unbalanced chromosome 6p;13p derivative chromosome derived from maternal t(6;13)(p25.3;p13) in a fetus with partial trisomy 6p and partial trisomy 13p.
We present prenatal diagnosis of a fetus with a de novo derivative chromosome 6(p25.3p21) derived from maternal t(6;13)(p25.3;p13) in a 36-year-old woman who is known to have a daughter with a de novo terminal t(6;13)(p25.3;q32) chromosome. Fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis performed on uncultured amniocytes revealed a derivative chromosome that was initially identified as der(6)ins(6;13)t(6;13


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This is a compilation of all the new songs of my fan-made game in MP3 form.
Includes all 10 songs (at least for now) along with lyrics and composition credits. All instrumental tracks were made by me, most of the vocal music is from sound effects and samples used for the game – but I did use an arrangement I made for “The Caverns”. I have no intention of doing this game again, I would love it if you did though!

Official music video for the premiere of Dyadic music performed by Serben Gogja and Ivaylo Zahariev.
Directed by Michael von Durmid.
Inspired by “Crystal Life”, a short film by Ghost-maker David Roman.


What’s new:

17.00€ 15,50€

Create the perfect game environment for your players with all the models, weapons and accessories from the deadly Necromunda Fantasy Battles game line. The Nautica Skin Pack features:

108 Necromunda models:

108 Necromunda Space Marine models with weapon and armor variations

The Necromunda Skin Pack includes all the ruleset size reference cards in a user friendly starter pack, the Endless JourneyOtubospolia

Otubospolia is a monotypic moth genus of the family Erebidae erected by George Hampson in 1910. Its only species, Obtusospolia escheri, was first described by George Hampson in 1910. It is found in western India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and from Thailand and Japan to the Moluccas.

The wingspan is about 20 mm. Antennae of the male is bipectinate (comb like on both sides) in the 2nd joint. Forewings with well-developed crenulate (scalloped) antemedial and postmedial lines. A triangular patch on the discocellular, and a subquadrate spot in cell with no lines. Hindwings with the medial and postmedial lines excised and crenulate. Both wings with some minute marginal dots. The hindwings with a fuscous submarginal band.


Category:Moths described in 1910
Category:Monotypic Arctiidae generaQ:

Passing Dynamic Data Bind to method

Hey i’ve just recently started learning to use the Visual Studio Designer and i have a problem.
I have a method in which i want to be able to pass it a dynamically named string from a method inside a control.
The method looks like this:
public void MoveToolStripButton(string ButtonClicked, string objectBoxType)
//Do things

where i would want to call it from another sub, which i can get a named string.
What i want to do is try to pass in the string from the other sub to the MoveToolStripButton() like this
private void MoveToolStripButtonFromAthrow()


And i want to be


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Desperados III is the official third and final chapter of the Desperados series. It takes all the character and entertainment aspects you can imagine and throws them into a tense action puzzle game. Travel from underground pirate towns and slums, become the boss of a massive armada of ships and find a path to victory. You’re the leader of the gangs, right? Everyone needs a hero. The question is, are you willing to sacrifice everything to be the one… or are you already dead?

A Conspiracy of Killers has been, since the beginning, a tale of galloping heroes and shear athletic prowess. A former stuntman, a mercenary, a professional slum-fighter, and a seasoned soldier; those with a twisted purpose in life, have forged to become the heroes of this world. Each of them possessed a philosophy, attitude, and personal relationships that defined them. It took a powerful villain, a conspiracy of bureaucrats, and the actions of a boy, to turn their lives upside down.
For the sake of their children, for the sake of their oath, and for the sake of their military duties, these men must face the truth…
Take a look at how you approach the game’s campaign. Are you a strong squad leader, or a sniper? Does your performance depend on how, and where, you use your guns? Or perhaps you prefer to use a pistol and get into a bout of one-on-one sword combat. What’s best, where’s your game style? This game is about you.

Epic solo-action gameplay. It’s all about YOU.
Ride your warhorse across the wild and dangerous lands, where dark knights, bold adventurers and merciless bandits from all sorts of races and cultures try to kill you. Your main weapons are a strong mace or a trusty battle axe. You also have swords, staffs, bows, crossbows, hammers and other hand-made items.
The game includes a lot of quests to choose from. Some are time consuming and will take you away from your full time job – a journeyman carpenter, for example. Other quests will be simple and easy, a quest to steal a big chest of gold is an ideal task for an experienced gold pirate.
No matter what you choose, you’ll always try to explore the continent, solve the mysteries of the world and achieve your personal goals.

They are


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System Requirements:

Linux – Minimum system requirements are a Pentium II or better, 128 MB of RAM, and a CD-ROM drive.
Windows – Minimum system requirements are a Pentium II or better, 192 MB of RAM, and a CD-ROM drive.
Macintosh – Minimum system requirements are a PowerPC or Power Mac (G4 or higher) with a PowerPC G3 CD-ROM drive.
User Reviews
7.9 6.0
It’s like a interactive storybook! – David
“You’re there


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