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. The seventh season of the animated comedy series Mr. Bean, which airs on ITV..Hi Guys!!!

Today we show you an animation made by iOS master Simon-Pilz, who is also the creator of this awesome website.

iOS Lion was launched on Tuesday, 27th July, and there are already a lot of tricks and tips to be found. If you need a simpler one, let’s play this one:

Using the CMD+M shortcut, you can quickly turn the screen rotation lock off.

You can make any of your apps fullscreen:

If you’ve already installed XCode, get it from the iOS Developer portal –

Download the XCode command line tools:

From the Xcode app on your Mac, go to Window -> Open Developer Tool -> Terminal -> Click “Run”, enter your password to login into Developer directory. Type this command:

cd “/path to your ios sdk/”

and follow the prompts.

If you don’t have the ios sdk yet, visit this page:

If you have xcode installed you’re ready to start. But let’s start with a simple animation:

At this point, we have the iPhone ready. Go into the Phone app and press the Home button, and keep holding it. The Home button is almost the only button to hold for a long time.


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