You can choose between

Online Live

2 Live sessions per week | Follow up system | Tasks correction | Q & A


Recorded Sessions | Q & A | Private Coaching (Add-on)

How you can Learn ?

You can choose between, online live which is 2 sessions per week you can follow up direct with Arch. Hisham , with Q&A Live sessions, and task correction.


you can watch and apply the course whenever you need, and ask Arch. Hisham for any unclear points, and whenever you need a follow up session, you can reserve it.

How can we help you in your journey ?


Full track : Modeling + Vray 6 | Modeling + Corona 10

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Private Programs

  • Offer personalized attention and support tailored to individual needs.
  • Ideal for students uncomfortable in larger groups and who need extra help.
  • Focusing on areas where the student needs the most assistance and adjusting the pace and style of instruction.
  • Maximizing learning potential and deepening understanding of the material.

To achieve these results you need to :

> Do your tasks.
> Attend follow-up sessions
> Ask for unclear points.
> Work … Work … Work.
> Focus on details.
> Understand each word.
> Fight … & don’t give up.
> Do your Best.

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